Urban Abstractions

I developed an interest in graffiti and urban space from the idea of observing how graffiti can be discovered in places outside the view of everyday, public life. Although graffiti is now viewed as a public art, it has a history of being viewed as vandalism, which pushed many of the original artists to begin working in areas commonly overlooked to avoid arrest. I have a fascination with the works in areas such broken buildings, alleys and subway tunnels. This ‘hidden’ graffiti has become separated and often lost from the larger public eye, and yet it retains a presence, importance, and history to those who seek it and are able to find it.

The process behind my paintings is to recreate the life of these hidden or private pieces of graffiti and the spaces they inhabit. Initially I work very quickly, focusing on raw mark making, using writing styles and spray application- most commonly associated with graffiti writing. Warped planes and false perspective begin to act as walls that are free from architectural-form limitations. The results are an invented space that leaves the viewer with little sense of location, and rejecting the confines of urban architecture where graffiti is commonly found.

Graffiti writing is rooted in urban development and decay. As the world around us expands, the graffiti and the individual who creates it shrink leaving only a history of what once was. My paintings, with its roots in re-constructed graffiti markings, now encompass a broader sense of depth, which escape the confines that limit most forms of street art.


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